Community Acupuncture is no longer offered weekly at the UMA Center. If you are interested in hosting an afternoon of acupuncture, use the contact form below. I will update this page when group events are scheduled. Thank you!

Community Acupuncture is an hour long treatment offered in a group setting. It is an affordable, quality and individualized acupuncture treatment.

Treatments are offered in the main room of the UMA Center or I’ll bring my set up to you! I have four chairs available. These chairs are separated by screens for some privacy. Patients are seated every 15 to 20 minutes. I use points easily accessed on the arms, legs and head, so you don’t need to undress. The appointment involves a quick 15 minute interview, needle insertion and a 45 minute resting period.

Note: In my private practice I primarily treat women’s health conditions. At community I welcome all genders, ages and conditions. If you have any questions drop me a line and I’ll get back to you. 🙂


Offer acupuncture at your event

Offer acupuncture to your employees, customers or clients. Acupuncture is one of the best ways to achieve relaxation quickly. The Palouse Community set up can accommodate 4 patients per hour at 15 minute increments. Please contact me if you are interested in having acupuncture at your company or event.


Everything. Seriously. Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that was built to take care of the entire human body. Of course this doesn’t mean it is a cure-all. Western medicine has its strengths and weaknesses and so does Chinese medicine. Acupuncture can be used as a stand alone treatment for some illnesses or combined with Western medicine in other situations. For example, it can help relieve chronic pain that is difficult for Western medicine to treat. It can also relieve the uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy treatments or infertility treatments. In my private practice I have found that Chinese medicine is the most beneficial for the chronic stress and/or mental emotional problems that afflict many people today. Stress can lead to many physical issues and management of our stress and emotional bodies is one of the best things you can do to thrive in modern life.
It is important to arrive with loose clothing or something you can change into for the appointment. Please also eat before your appointment. An empty stomach can cause a unpleasant reaction to acupuncture in some people.
In an ideal world most acupuncturists want to see patients 1-3 times a week for your condition. But this is rarely an option for patients because it is cost prohibitive or insurance simply won’t cover that frequency. Patient get better faster and experience more relief with multiple visits a week. At community acupuncture I can work with your acupuncturist and apply the same treatment principles that they are currently using.
In Chinese medicine there are many points through out the body that treat another area of the body. There’s a saying that the body has “microcosms within microcosms” on it. For instance the entire human body is reflected on the ear and any part of the body can be treated using locations on the ear. There are entire traditions of acupuncture that use this concept and seldom, if every insert a needle in the actual location of the pain.
Yes, in my private practice I exclusively treat mums and mums to be. I can safely treat issues that women experience in pregnancy and highly recommend acupuncture throughout your pregnancy.
Possibly. When patients have a lot going on it is hard to treat the patient comprehensively in community acupuncture. In general I ask for one aspect they’d like to focus on. I recommend that patients who have a complicated health history schedule at least one private session with me so I can get the full picture of what is going on and prescribe herbs if necessary. The extended interview of a private session can help us plan more effective treatment in community acupuncture sessions.

Do you have more questions? You may find your answers on my FAQ page or don’t hesitate to contact me.

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laura rose lambertLaura Rose Lambert, MAcOM, Dipl. OM, LAc, EAMP believes Chinese medicine helps nurture a deeper sens of connection to ourselves, restores balance and transforms health. In her private practice she supports women on the path to motherhood navigate big life changes, helping them move from physical, emotional and mental turmoil into peace, clarity and inner strength.

To learn more visit my website at Dancing Rabbit Holistic Medicine.